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Trim Healthy Ramblings and Recipes

So, I was compiling a list of some of our favorite THM recipes for some friends of ours, and since I went through all the work of doing it (which I enjoyed) I thought I'd share it with y'all too.
So, here goes, in case you wanted to know everything that we ever eat, and then some.

*Note: All the foods with page numbers beside them are from the Trim Healthy Mama book, and can be found on that page number in the book.
So, one thing that we eat about once a week, that there isn't actually a recipe for (at least that I recall coming across.) Naked Burritos. We eat this so often that once Leah asked if we could have burritos with clothes on them. Basically, we cook up a big pot of rice, and a big pot of black beans. We also marinade a bunch (as in, however much your family would eat) of meat (chicken breasts or a beef roast) n Italian salad dressing. We normally at that point cut it up, and cook it an electric skillet. Traditionally, it would be grilled, but our grilled hasn’…