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So, I was compiling a list of some of our favorite THM recipes for some friends of ours, and since I went through all the work of doing it (which I enjoyed) I thought I'd share it with y'all too.

So, here goes, in case you wanted to know everything that we ever eat, and then some.

*Note: All the foods with page numbers beside them are from the Trim Healthy Mama book, and can be found on that page number in the book.

So, one thing that we eat about once a week, that there isn't actually a recipe for (at least that I recall coming across.) Naked Burritos. We eat this so often that once Leah asked if we could have burritos with clothes on them.
Basically, we cook up a big pot of rice, and a big pot of black beans. We also marinade a bunch (as in, however much your family would eat) of meat (chicken breasts or a beef roast) n Italian salad dressing. We normally at that point cut it up, and cook it an electric skillet. Traditionally, it would be grilled, but our grilled hasn’t worked properly for a while. Then, we  layer rice, black beans, and meat in a bowl, and top it with whatever toppings sound good. We put on sautéed peppers and onions, cheese, salsa, corn, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes (well, I don’t, ‘cause I don't like them) and olives. I’m sure that I’m missing something, but you get the general idea. What we normally do it put everything in separate bowls on the table, and let everyone fix whatever combination suits their fancy. At this point, it’s a crossover or even a little carb heavy with having beans and rice in it. So what Mama and I do, is skip the beans and rice, and eat our toppings on cabbage instead, which makes a nice S. If you  choose to make this a crossover with the bean and rice, beware that it is very filling. Made with cabbage, you do have to eat a bit more. Not that it’s a problem, mind you, since it’s SO yummy.

At this point, I’m sure you’re all hoping that each of our meals isn’t going to take this long to explain. I’m hoping that too.

Now some quick links from Pinterest….
I’m still trying to get Mama to change the cover picture on our shared THM board, so that it looks nice and neat with all the rest of my boards. I’m not the least bit OCD, mind you.

Omelets – S, E, or FP depending on what you put in them. We always make them S, using whole eggs and filling them up with bacon bits, leftover ham, cheese, cream cheese , green onions, and whatever else looks or sounds good. In fact, now I want one for lunch…And my favorite Mommy is making me one. Don’t you wish you had such a wonderful mommy? Edit: the tables turned, and I made her omelet instead.
Plain Old Oatmeal, page 228 – E How simple is that?
Cottage Berry Oatmeal, page 230 – E
Cookie Bowl Oatmeal, page 232 – FP I personally wasn't a’t a great fan of this when I tried it, but I tend to have a problem with PB at times, and I’m not a huge fan of our dear little friend glucci. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.
Chia Tapioca Pudding, page 234, - FP Again, I’m not a fan of the texture (glucomannan is the only thing that I’ve ever had texture problems with) But other than that it’s quite tasty.
Fat Stripping Frappa, page 240 – S, E, or FP If you haven’t tried this yet, you should. Again, the gluc was a bit much for me, but a little amount adjusting fixed it.
 Basic Whey Smoothie, page 243 – E or FP I love this one!
Quick “Granola” – S Okay, when I really want a  bowl of granola, I chop up a combination of nuts, add some sunflower and chia seeds, throw in a bit of coconut, add a little sweetener, and pour cream over the top. I’ve also made a maple version of this, adding a tiny bit of maple flavoring to my bowl. I try not to eat this too often, as it’s A. Rather expensive, and B. Rather high calorie. That being said however, it is a special treat that I allow myself from time to time.

Helpful Hint: We had the Coconut Porridge from page 232 once, and it was gross. I’m not a picky eater. But I couldn't even finish it.

Spicy Bacon Chicken – S We eat this with salad, cheesy cauli, and um…I know that there’s other stuff we eat with it besides that….
The only change that I make is leaving out the brown sugar. Oh, and like double or tripling it.
Pinto Bean Stew – E Daddy doesn’t like soup or beans, and this dish has made Mama terribly sick every time we’ve served it (we have no clue whatsoever why) but I like it and It’s cheap. The only changes I make is leaving out the sugar and most of the corn, and quadrupling it.
Lentil Soup page 311 – E  We love this one! We use all chicken broth as the liquid, and add three cooked, chopped chicken breasts right before serving. We serve lots of cheddar cheese for the kids, and I eat mine with a little sprinkle of low fat cheese.
Spicy Chicken Wings page 323- S   Another favorite! We buy the 10 lb. bags at Costco and Sams, and use about ¾ a bag for a meal. We served these on Christmas with celery stuffed with cream cheese. Other sides we’ve done are potatoes for Daddy and the kids, and cauliflower for us. I’ve gotten a bit couliflowered out.  There other thing that I think would be really good with this, is jalapenos, halved with the seeds taken out,  stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon or lunch meat, and baked until hot through.  I’ve only had these once but really enjoyed them. . I’m sure it could also be done with other peppers too. Bell peppers might be a better option for many.
Peanut crusted chicken, page 325 – S Yum! We serve this with a variety of things, like, um, any of the sides suggested for the other supper meals.
Sponge Bob’s Crabby Patties page 338 – S Believe me, this name wasn’t my idea. We call them Salmon Patties at our house, with is what they actually are. They’re great for lunch or supper, and they’re also good cold. These are a nice quick go-to meal for us. Again, I’m at a bit of a loss for sides. We really truly do a have a slight bit more variation than those listed, I just can’t seem to think of what.
Alfredo beef and Broccoli page 340 – S This makes a nice one-dish meal, though I’m told it’s not overly appetizing without dairy.
Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir Fry page 341 – E or FP. We’ve only made this once, but it was pretty well liked.
Rotisserie Chicken – S For all the Drive Through Sues, and all the overworked and overtired mamas. And their daughters.

Breads, Crackers, etc.
Pumpkin Scones – S  These are so yummy! We made them and simple uses Truvia instead of the Swerve. I don’t know if Swerve is plan approved, but regardless, we don’t have any.
Cranberry Coconut Scones – S This one is super yummy, but way too sweet. I would cut the sweetener amount it half next time. Also, we made a glaze similar to the one for the pumpkin scones, using orange extract instead of cinnamon for flavor. We serve these and the other scones with eggs and bacon or sausage. We don’t have time to fix fancy breakfasts, so normally we have one night a week that’s ‘breakfast food’ night..
Bread in a Mug, page 285 – S Ah, here’s a great side dish! It slao works well cooked on a plate to be the crust for a single serve pizza.
Bread in a Mug crackers – S I use a bread in a mug, cut it into thin rounds, and toast it. It makes some of the best crackers. Especially yummy spread with butter.
Trim Healthy Pan bread, page 266 – E This one’s a great E side dish
Trim Healthy Pan bread Crackers – E Cut bread into strips, much like a tortilla chip, sprinkle with salt and other spices of choice, and toast in the oven.
Just Like Wheat Thins, page 396 – S Contrary to its name, these don’t taste anything like wheat thins. That being said, they’re still pretty good.

PB cups, to fulfill that craving that we hate to admit that we have – S
Pudding, page 366 – S, E, or FP We make several variations of this, and it’s very handy to keep in the fridge for a quick snack.
Tummy Tucking Ice Cream, page 368 – S, E, or FP Ice cream. Need I say more?
Mouthwatering Meringues, page 370 – S, E, or FP These are almost like eat cotton candy, only not.
Skinny Chocolate, page 371 – S If you haven’t made this yet, you’re missing out.
Basic Cheesecake, page 373 – S Mrs. Fay, and Mrs. Howsley, this is what y’all tried at the Christmas dinner.
Chunky Cream Pops, page 374 – S I may or may not be eat one of these right now…in fact, I’ve already thought of several different variations, and I just made my first batch last night.
Baked Grapefruit, page 379 - E
Cake in a Mug, page 379, -S my favorite way to eat this is topped with Icing For Cake, page 386
Ginger snaps, page 389, - S
Coconut Whipped Cream, page 389, - S This is especially great for those who can’t have dairy, but I love it too.

Thin Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake – S  Oh. My. This one’s good ladies, trust me
Cranberry Wassil - FP This maybe one of my all-time favorites. I drink it hot and cold. Tip: Don’t forget the cinnamon.
Hot Coco – S or FP I like to make this with part cream, making it S, but the original recipe is FP.


 Please excuse any mistakes, because I'm not taking the time right now to read over this post with a fine tooth comb like I normally do with my other posts.


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