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The Things They Said: A Compilation of Some of the Entertaining Comments of Small Children (and a few not-so-small-children)

When I got off of Facebook the end of last year, I started keeping a record of some of the cute and hilarious things my siblings (and other small children) said, so I could share them here, since that was one thing several people said they'd miss seeing me post. I had every intention of posting various installments on here, perhaps every month or two, with all these entertaining snippets.
I very dutifully kept this list up...for the first four months of the year. After that, I simply forgot to keep keeping track. That list lived quite nicely, and mostly forgotten, on my phone. Until today. So without further ado...

Sibling: "The thing with winter is that it's supposed to be nice holidays and everything, but everybody wears dark colors, like they're going to a funeral. "

Esther, turning in circles: "I feel like I'm spinning in a tornado..."

One sibling to another: "You're just a fragment of my imagination."

Joshua, getting up off the couch …