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To My Dear Daddy, on Father's Day

Dear Daddy, Happy Father's Day. 
It's very different to say that this year, than in past years, because over the course of the last few months, I have seen you in a completely different light than I ever saw you before. 
I have seen you rise up to be a mighty man of God, realizing the task and responsibility that He has given you in guiding your family. 
I've seen you walk in complete humility before those around you, because that was what He has called you to. 
I've seen your tenderness and your pain as we walked through some of the hardest moments. You've been there, loving, and caring, and simply holding us. 
I've seen you rise up and lead your family. 
You've modeled to me what true humility looks like, begging forgiveness of those that you've hurt. And you've extended that same forgiveness to me, that you asked of me.
You've been gentle when you needed to be gentle, and you've been bold, with gentleness, when the need has arisen. 
I us…