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Our Little Man

I said in my last post that I'd share the most exciting thing that had happened since we moved, so here he is! My sweet little brother, Joshua.

I had wonderful plans of posting sooner, but, we were/are on new internet, so I was limited as to how much I could do online, and after editing all the pictures for the last post, as well as other people using the internet, there wasn't much left. Needless to say, this didn't make top priority. But now, we've just started our next month's worth, so I can use a bit more :). Hopefully I'll have another post this week, with some more random life, but I'm not making any promises this time :), For some strange reason, my life is just a bit busy just now.  One other happy bit of news though, is that we're finally closing on our house, so we'll no longer be renting!

First Few Weeks on the Farm

This post is mostly pictures, mainly because is would take far too long to tell about all that has happen these first few weeks of living on our farm. I will, however, have captions for, and stories behind, many of the pictures, so come along for a little sneak peek of what our live looks like.

 Esther enjoyed picking dandelions in in our huge yard

 The front of our house

 "Why hello there."
 This was our lovely stable before the animals. You'll see more pictures of it with the animals later.  We have some lovely rose bushes in our front yard, and I greatly enjoyed capturing just a bit of their beauty.

 There's something about a bud, just beginning to open, that so greatly shows the handiwork of God

 This tree is rotting, but shows such beauty still 

 No, she's not really driving the tractor...

 Looks as some bugs of some sort, I believe.