The Things They Said: A Compilation of Some of the Entertaining Comments of Small Children (and a few not-so-small-children)

When I got off of Facebook the end of last year, I started keeping a record of some of the cute and hilarious things my siblings (and other small children) said, so I could share them here, since that was one thing several people said they'd miss seeing me post. I had every intention of posting various installments on here, perhaps every month or two, with all these entertaining snippets.
I very dutifully kept this list up...for the first four months of the year. After that, I simply forgot to keep keeping track. That list lived quite nicely, and mostly forgotten, on my phone. Until today. So without further ado...

Sibling: "The thing with winter is that it's supposed to be nice holidays and everything, but everybody wears dark colors, like they're going to a funeral. "

Esther, turning in circles: "I feel like I'm spinning in a tornado..."

One sibling to another: "You're just a fragment of my imagination."

Joshua, getting up off the couch during a movie: "I need some coffee."

Sister: "My husband is imaginary."
Me: "Mine too."
Different sister, in a (trying to be) eerie voice: "But soon he wooon't beeee."

Joshua was hanging out with me while I worked in my room.
Me: "I need to you to come out. I've gotta go to the bathroom."
Joshua: "I'm gonna come with you."

Cousin, holding up an almond: "This is a sunflower seed. It grew really big."

Cousin: "Do you know what this green nut is?"
Me: "Is it a pistachio?"
Him: "Yes. And do you know what pistachios taste like? They taste like really really hard grass."

Cousin, complimenting my babysitting skills: "Rebekah, I think you're really good at watching us for a long time."
You know, a couple hours.

Esther: "...Yeah, Mom doesn't like evolution, but Dad does.."
Animation, dear. Animation. Dad likes animation, not evolution.

Brother: "Are you okay?"
Me: "Do I *look* okay?" (I was super sleepy, and it showed) Then, to reassure him: "I'm fine."
Him: "You look like you've been laying on the couch for days."
Me: "Are you saying that my hair's a mess?"
Him: "Uh, I need to go..."
(Smart boy)

Brother: "Hey Rebekah, you're the oldest sibling, RIGHT?"
Me: "Yeeeaah?"
Him: "So do you want to do me a favor?"
Sister: "What do you want her to convince Mom and Dad of for you this time?"

Sister: "I can't decide if you'd make better slave, or a better princess."
Me: "Excuse me??"
Her: "I've really been thinking about it today. I mean, you're really handy...but you're SO beautiful, too."
Thanks. I think...?

Esther, watching Mom put together a lettuce salad: "Can we make up this thing called "chocolate salad", where we put chocolate on our salad?"

Sister, coming up to me: "_____ said that I look like you!"
Me: "Okay...?"
Her: "And I told him that I would tell on him!"
Am I supposed to be offended that someone said my gorgeous little sister looks like me? #idontthinkso

Joshua was trying to get into my room, but couldn't, because my door was locked.
Joshua: "I need to talk to you!"
Me: "I can hear you."
Joshua: "I need to tell you a story."
Me: "I'm listening."
Joshua: "Once upon a time, there was stuff."

Joshua, yelling: "WabekUH! WabekUH!"
Me, coming out of my room: "What?"
Joshua: "I don't have any more coffee. I need some more coffee."
Me: "You need to eat your eggs."
Joshua: "Before I have more coffee?"
Me: "You don't need more coffee. You've had enough for a two year old."
Joshua: "But I do need more."

Esther, yelling at Joshua: "Joshua! Be quiet, I'm trying to pray!"
Joshua, yelling back: "I'M TRYING TO PRAY TOO!"

When Mercy was a day and a half old, I asked Joshua what her name was, to see if he remembered. Joshua: "It's not named 'Calcium'..."
Me: "No, it's not. Her name is Mercy."
Joshua: "But I like calcium. It's yummy."
Well, for now at least. Maybe I'll start another compilation, and keep it going bettter this time. Thoughs?

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