First Few Weeks on the Farm

This post is mostly pictures, mainly because is would take far too long to tell about all that has happen these first few weeks of living on our farm. I will, however, have captions for, and stories behind, many of the pictures, so come along for a little sneak peek of what our live looks like.

 Esther enjoyed picking dandelions in in our huge yard

 The front of our house

 "Why hello there."

 This was our lovely stable before the animals. You'll see more pictures of it with the animals later.
 We have some lovely rose bushes in our front yard, and I greatly enjoyed capturing just a bit of their beauty.

 There's something about a bud, just beginning to open, that so greatly shows the handiwork of God

 This tree is rotting, but shows such beauty still 

 No, she's not really driving the tractor...

 Looks as some bugs of some sort, I believe.

 At first we thought the fruit on this tree was peaches, but we've since decided that's apricots 

 Our little garden was all in pots when we moved, as we didn't have room in the ground at the old house. I has since been mostly moved to the ground here, as well as some additional stuff being planted.

 The boys found a nightcrawler, and Esther was happy to hold it for them.

 Joel was quite thrilled to see that the new house had a knocker, instead of a doorbell :).

 I folded lots of baby clothes that day, but I didn't know then if I would have a new brother, or a new sister...

 A week after we moved, we got two milk cows, and immediately started making our own butter

 Yogurt-orange juice popsicles are not only yummy, but healthy 
 Whispering over what bible story they were going to use for charades 

 When we got our milk cows, we also got two kittens (not to mention a horse and a heifer), that the little girls fell in love with

 Caleb was caught wearing my apron, so Paul and Joel tried to hide him from the camera....
....It didn't work.

 Because really, we have dirty dishes too.

 "Nursing" her baby

 There's an addition built off the kitchen, that's been dubbed "the little girls' kitchen"

 I still haven't bee able to figure out why he was laying on the floor...

 Playing Bible charades...can you guess their story? (Hint: See Act 16:25-31)

Meet......Daisy, our favorite milk cow,
 Shasta, our horse,
 Taffy, our heifer calf,
 and Blossom, our least favorite milk cow

 the kittens are Nutmeg and Pepper 

 This is where all the mud boots belong, right by the doror. They're kinda a necessity around here. 

 Cowgirl in training

 Milking time! the novelty of milking didn't take long to wear off....

 For some reason, the kittens seem to really like Taffy.

 On Mothers Day, we went to Tractor Supply, and got a Texas star for the front of our house.
 No, we didn't find the kitten in the mail box.
 Straining milk. (Notice the baby bump on Mama? It's not there anymore :).)
 Fresh and clean

 This is what happens when the dress up bin is gotten out...

 Fresh, homemade butter. There"s nothing quite like it.

Riding in the bucket of the tractor
 Our freshly tilled garden plot!

 Lets get planting!

 Poor Leah wasn't feeling well, but she recovered quickly.

 So Hannah had to pretend she was sick...

 Cleaning their kitchen

 Love that face

 We're still running a bit short on sleep...

Mamaw came to visit, and we played Apples to Apples together

 We have tiny wild onions in the field behind our house 

 Enjoying the kittens

 Sarah's birthday gift from me

  When told to was her hands, she decided to wash her feet as well....

 Sarah's cake

 Paul's cake

Waiting to bring Joel's cake to the table...

When I went ot skim milk one morning, some of the cream was frozen on top. Ice cream :).

I think that covered about three weeks, out of four, so I'll have to post about the fourth week in a few days. Stay tuned, 'cause it's the most exciting!


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