Just Like Great Grandpa

Today would have been my great grandpa's birthday. 
In remembrance of the great man and farmer that he was, we dressed little Joshua like him today. 
Although I don't remember it (I was too young at that point) his normal farm garb was blue and white striped overalls. I do remember however, the cowboy boots he always wore, and the hat that was never far from him. 

He would be proud to see Joshua dressed like him, and growing up on a farm (of sorts).


  1. What a beautiful picture for Grandpa Ledgerwood's birthday! Did you make the overalls or find them somewhere? They look like they are designed to grow with him.
    I enjoyed time with a one month old yesterday. First girl after four brothers. Couldn't help thinking of and missing Joshua and you all.

  2. The overalls are ones we have had since Paul was a baby, but they just seemed perfect for this.


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