Menu Monday: Baked Chicken, Quinoa, and Broccoli

This is week six of a six week Menu Monday trial period.....I've gotten very little feedback, which means no more Menu Monday! Sad, I know, but also somewhat of a freedom for me. rest assured though, I'll still post some recipes, they just won't be as regular.
In fact, I'm in the middle of creating a super duper yummy THM approved recipe....

Today's Menu Monday is super simple, because we've been sick, and I kept forgetting to take pictures of my food. In fact, this picture was taken of the leftovers from this meal, that I just pulled out of the fridge and arranged on a plate for the picture. There wasn't any leftover broccoli,  which is why there isn't any in the picture. This is real life y'all.
Oh, by the way, this is a THM approved 'E' meal.

Baked Chicken:

Chicken breasts (however much your family will eat)
Garlic Powder

Place chicken in a pan, and sprinkle with spices. I use dried chives, but I'm sure fresh would be even tastier. Bake at 350* until cooked through. This would be about 2 hours from frozen, or 45 minutes to an hour from thawed.



The size of your family will depend on the amount of quinoa that you cook. The ratio of water to quinoa is 2 cups water to 1 cup quinoa. Place water and quinoa in a saucepan, and bring to a boil. Once a boil is reached, stir quinoa and cover with a lid. Turn down to low, and continue cooking for about 15 minutes.


Whole broccoli florets

Again, the amount you cook depends on how many you are feeding. Wash broccoli and cut into bite size pieces. Place in a pan and cover bottom of pan with several inches of water. Cover with a lid and cook on high until broccoli is tender, but not mushy, around 5-10 minutes.

For your children, (and yourself, if desiring a crossover meal) serve butter to slather the broccoli and quinoa with. Yum!

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  1. I love simple. :) Hey, I've found that I can do quinoa in my rice cooker! I make big batches and freeze them in serving size baggies.

    Thanks for linking up at Trim Healthy Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to your upcoming recipes!


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