The Baby Project: In Remembrance of the Precious Babies Gone on Before Us

If you've been around for long, you probably know about the baby our family lost in March of last year, the second baby in a row.

That loss was a difficult journey, but in many ways it opened my eyes to how widespread miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss is. So many people around us have suffered this lost, and nearly everyone, if not every single person you'll come in contact with in your lifetime, has been impacted by the loss of a baby, whether their own or someone else's. It's not often something that you hear about though, and that's sad to me, because there's so much pain surrounding these losses, and so many could be helped in healing by hearing of others' journeys.

Shortly after those two losses in our family, I came up with a way to honor and remember those babies, as well as some of the babies lost to friends and family around us.

Enter what I'm calling "The Baby Project". It's a whole new product line in my Etsy shop, in honor of a handful of babies who were either miscarried, stillborn, or only lived a short time. It's a collection of hat and shoe sets - and each set is named after one of these babies.

I understand that there are many people who do not choose to name their miscarried babies because they do not know the gender, or for whatever other reason. For my family, it was incredibly healing to name the babies we lost, even though it was too early to know their genders.

I wish there were some way to honor each lost baby and their family this way, but the sad truth is that there are simply too many. My heart breaks for those who have endured that pain.

Right now I have eleven different sets, in honor of eleven different babies and their families.
With those eleven babies though, only eight families are represented. 

Starting today, I'll be releasing one baby set each day, until I get through all eleven babies. Each set will have, in the listing, a little snippet about the baby that it's named after.

Right now, it's just these eleven. But as life goes, I'm sure that, heartbreaking as it is, I'll be adding more sets to the Baby Project line. 
Maybe, in some small way, that can comfort those families in their pain. Additionally, 50% of the proceeds from this project go to, a ministry that exists to bring the hope of Christ to grieving moms and families experiencing the loss of a baby.

If you'd like to see each set as it's released, there are several options for doing so - you can check my Etsy shop daily, like my page on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram. I'll be updating both my Facebook and my Instagram as new items are released.


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