Awkward + Awesome

This is another one of those, like the "Things They Said" post, that I've just been keeping in a note on my phone all year, of little moments that are, well, awkward, or awesome. Sometimes both, because I do awkward really, really well.


Walking into a store, and seeing someone you sorta-kinda-halfway know, and accidentally making eye contact before you realize what you're doing. Then, you both just ignore each other, and pretend it never happened.

Hearing two people discussing the proper way to pronounce your name: "Ruh-bek-uh" vs. "Ree-bek-uh"

When the guy doing housekeeping at your hotel asks why you don't have any kids...

Getting done with a big grocery shopping late enough that only the self check registers are still open...and having so much trouble with the register, that checking out takes about as long as the actual shopping did. Messing up near the end and making it where you have to re-scan half the items, doesn't help either.
I'm pretty sure the guy keeping an eye on the self check registers felt sorry for us. And probably relieved when we finally finished and left.

Accidentally sending an email that you meant to just save as a draft. Whoops.

The guy who, while I was minding my own business, eating lunch one day, decided that it was his job to figure out what I had done with my life so far, and then proceed to try and plan my future for me. One of his first suggestions was that I go to Hollywood. Because, in his opinion, I have the features for it. #imprettysureididntaskyouropinion

Seeing the "Keep out of reach of children" warning on a label, and thinking to my self "Ha, not only is it in my reach, I'm even going to use it.." and then realizing that, oh, I'm not technically a child anymore, so that doesn't even apply to me.

Explaining to a guy wearing a necklace and an earring, why it is you don't like most jewelry on guys.
Because it's gross? You asked my opinion...

When your brother points you out to a guy he's just met and says "That's my sister. Isn't she pretty?" and expects an answer. Pretty sure it was actually way more awkward for the poor guy than it was for me. 


Friends over for dinner. Always wonderful. Especially when they bring cookies that most of the family can eat. I'm all about cookies.

Getting to spend most of the day with a friend you haven't seen for over six months. So worth the hour+ drive and crazy traffic. Why don't we live closer together??

Housekeeping at hotels. Like, they make your bed for you.

The Gulf Coast. Seriously. I want my family to vacation there.

Seeing all but 7 of my 23 (so far!) cousins, all in the space of 6 weeks.

Good shoes. They make a world of difference.

Step tracking app. It drains my phone battery way faster, but it's super cool to have my steps for a day recorded. When I used this same one before, I only reached a small percentage of the "daily goal" that the app automatically sets for you (10,000 steps). Now, I go over my daily goal many days. It's pretty great.

WIT Alive. Seriously, best conference and best people. If you haven't been, you need to. (Unless of course you're already married. In that case, I recommend the WIT Marriage Intensive.

Long walks in the middle of the night, catching up with a friend. Yes, this really happened. At WIT Alive (see above).

Hearing of how God has moved so mightily in a dear friend's life. These stories and testimonies never get old, y'all.

Identity statements. Seriously. I don't even know how to describe these. Imagine learning what God thinks of and believes about you as His child, and then learning to live that out as your identity. Also, go to WIT. Write one for yourself. Mine took me a full year to complete, but I'm so so glad that I did.

When you get you work schedule for the next week, and it's like, perfect. Sometimes the little things, are really big things.


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